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On Sun, 2007-11-25 at 22:12 -0600, Tom Poe wrote:
> http://www.ibiblio.org/studioforrecording/media/network.png
> Here's the narrative:
> 1]  this is the DHCP/DSL box from Qwest.
> 2]  this is a Linksys WRT54G wireless broadband router
> 3]  this is a Meraki wireless access point/router
> 4]  this is a desktop workstation
> 5]  this is an asterisk-dedicated desktop for calling/receiving calls 
> with softphone
> The DHCP/DSL device is already configured and working.  I'm thinking I
> have to configure the two desktops before I plug them into the router.
> Can anyone list the info and where I enter it in FC6 to be permanent
> changes? 

I agree with Frank that the extra wireless gadget seems strangely
redundant.  Though, if you were planning to share the network, it could
well be best if that second wireless gateway had a separate IP so that
you can filter things off.  You don't want to share all your private
stuff publically.

If your DHCP/DSL box has its own IP, you'd use that IP as the default
gateway address to be configured into the router.  And you'd use the
router's IP as the default gateway address to be configured into the
other gear.  Likewise, the router is probably going to act as the DNS
server for the rest of your network.  Does your router not come with a
configuration manual?

Chances are that your router can configure all that automatically over
DHCP, and you only need to set all your clients to use DHCP to set up
their networking (e.g. use one of the network configuration GUIs on each
client).  If so, you can probably configure client addresses in your
router's DHCP server, so that it doles out the same addresses to the
same equipment each time.

I think it's important that you understand those sorts of concepts
(whether using automatic or static configuration, where you're doing the
configuration - centrally or one each device, etc., the relationship of
how the traffic flows through where) before you work out the specifics.

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