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Mon Nov 26 19:33:09 UTC 2007

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> Robert L Cochran wrote:
>> Right, and you can install over NFS: put the iso image in a
>> directory on a different Linux machine, export that directory over
>> NFS, and then use the rescue CD to start the installation with.
>> Specify "NFS image" as the installation type when you come to that
>> screen.
> Have you actually /done that/ with anything newser than FC6? Because
> I posted a while ago here that I couldn't make it work, had verified
> that both the http and nfs access worked, and a number of people
> agreed that it hasn't worked recently because it's still trying to
> find stuff on CD subdirectories of some such.

I installed F8 using this method just a week or so ago.  I am pretty
sure I did the same thing with F7 too.  I can't recall the last time I
actually burned media to do an install for myself.

If you have specific errors from attempting this, post them.  Perhaps
there's a bug others haven't run across or there could be something
you're getting wrong.

I do notice one difference in how I've done this that may be
important.  I don't use the rescue cd to boot the install.  Instead, I
copy the initrd.img and vmlinux files from images/pxeboot in the DVD
iso (or from the web, whichever you prefer) to /boot and make an entry
in the grub config for "Fedora $Version Installer."

I did this for F8 and likely F7.  It's been a while since I bothered
burning even the boot.iso to kick off an install.

> Because recently the network install only seems to work if you rsync
> the whole tree and create a repository.

Definitely not so.  Hopefully the problems you've run into can be
looked at and solved, so you don't have to resort to actually burning
discs. :)

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