how to share internet connection in fedora

moi rainer at
Tue Nov 27 16:56:49 UTC 2007

The easy way to share the internet connection with some PCs in the back 
(assuming there is a correctly configured network) would be to enable 
IP-forwarding (with /etc/sysctl.conf -> enable ipV4_forward).

Second step would be to enable NAT, e.g. "iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING 
-s -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE", assuming the internal network 
is These rules can also be defined in 

Either way, we know nothing of Azeez´ config and especially have no 
specs regarding his requirements. as a result, I would prefer to know 
more about the setup before telling him how to do this - just as Bill 
said (it was perhaps in a rude manner, but nonetheless perfectly ok).


Paul Shaffer schrieb:
> Azeez, what you need is not trite retorts from resident list imbeciles 
> (see Bill's response below), but rather to employ an iptables firewall 
> application/script.  There are numerous available to meet any need 
> from simple to enterprise-capable.  Firestarter, Shorewall, and I 
> believe there is a basic firewall configuration utility in the 
> distro.  The web-based firewall gui in Webmin provides a very simple 
> rudimentary funtion for this.  There are many others.  Keywords: 
> firewall, nat, masq.
> v/r
> Paul
> */Bill Davidsen <davidsen at>/* wrote:
>     azeez khan wrote:
>     > hi
>     > can u plz explain me how to share internet connection in fedora os
>     >
>     Share it with what?
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