OT: are usb flash drives suitable archival media?

John Summerfield debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Tue Nov 27 23:56:47 UTC 2007

Kam Leo wrote:

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>> Robin Laing
> Use DVD-R or DVD+R media. I would not recommend using DVD+WR media.
> You're supposed to be able to use DVD+WR as a DVD-ROM. Well, long
> story short, a DVD-ROM disc created on DVD+RW media 6 months ago is
> totally unreadable. I tried reading the data using 4 different drives.
> None of the drives could detect that media was in the drive. There is
> probably something wrong with the burner I'm using. It is also causing

If so, nothing else is relevant.
> 4X CD-RW media to become coasters after an erasing operation.
Nothing here suggests to me you'd have done better with write-once media.

You should verify important backups immediately.



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