[FC8] irqbalance dead but subsys locked

Bill Davidsen davidsen at tmr.com
Wed Nov 28 01:13:53 UTC 2007

Greg Sieranski wrote:
> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>> Deepak Shrestha wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> My FC8 installation went well and running well too but every time I
>>> shutdown my computer, I can see the message that "irqbalance
>>> [FAILED]".  I didn't mind it much. Today when I was configuring the
>>> services, I saw the irqbalance services and its status was "irqbalance
>>> dead but subsys locked". So far I am not affected by failing of this
>>> particular services but I am just curious about it. As the name
>>> suggests, it must be for balancing irq services
>>> but
>>> Is this a serious problem? Is there a way to solve it? Can I disable
>>> this service?
>>> By the way this is personal fedora installation.
>> So does it start okay, or does that fail because there's a lock file? 
>> You might have to restart the subsystem, or even manually remove the 
>> lock file and then start the subsystem. If it's dying there should be 
>> something in the logs.
> I have found that even restarting it after awhile it will fail again 
> with the "irqbalance
> dead but subsys locked". It seems that if you have less than two cores 
> or only one cache domain than you will not be able to benefit from the 
> irqbalance service.

Yes, Mikkel posted a good answer, I don't have the problem, so I made a 
plausible suggestion which turned out to match the symptoms but not be 
the problem. Looks as if your hardware doesn't need this, I agree that 
you could shut if off.
> Here is an interesting article about what it actually does:
> http://irqbalance.org/documentation.php
Certainly a good place to start learning, thanks for the link.

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