how to share internet connection in fedora

moi rainer at
Wed Nov 28 14:25:39 UTC 2007

Les Mikesell schrieb:
> moi wrote:
>> The difference is simple: Anyone can give advice such as "write 
>> yourself a firewall and routing script" or "try it with webmin" - you 
>> can only hope he has access to those.
>> You "understood" he has a fully configured network and a server with 
>> at least two Ethernet Cards, able to do the forwarding/NAT. If *any* 
>> of those assumptions is wrong, he may end up with a misconfigured 
>> network and NO internet access. how cool.
> And how would that be worse than the popular OS that has a checkbox 
> for internet sharing - which only works when you have a suitable 
> network topology?  Microsoft does it like this: 
> in case you are confused about 
> the term.
At least microsoft does install DHCP and leaves no doubt any other 
method is not supported. period. How many sites have you seen with 
Internet connection sharing via XP, how many persons you know use the 
in-built VPN concentrator function ?

Another hint: HP-UX has ip_forwarding enabled by default. One only needs 
to configure a strict set of firewall Rules and/or enable NAT (if needed).

So, please stop being rude and comparing with *whatsoever*.


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