jpilot can't open private records on x86_64

George Avrunin avrunin at
Wed Nov 28 17:21:36 UTC 2007

I am running jpilot and pilot-link on two F8 machines, an i386 desktop
and an x86_64 laptop.  I can synchronize my Palm TX fine on both
machines, using the libusb method.  But on the laptop, jpilot can't open
the private records--it asks for the PalmOS password, but never accepts

I had first encountered this problem in June with FC7 and asked on
the jpilot list but never got a response, and reading the private
records on the laptop wasn't critical for me so I let it go. I asked
again when the problem arose again with F8 and got a response from
Ludovic Rousseau, who pointed me to the following bug he had recently
filed at

He says that the problem is due to a 64-bit bug in pilot-link, where
pi-md5.h has 
  #define UINT32 unsigned long
which is incorrect on 64-bit systems, and that this prevents jpilot from
computing the right hash to view private records.  He recommends
changing this to 
  #define UINT32 unsigned int
though he notes that this will work on 32- and 64-bit systems but fail
on 16-bit ones.  I rebuilt the pilot-link and jpilot srpms with this
change in the pilot-link source and jpilot can now read private records
on my laptop.

Should I report this on the Fedora bugzilla, since it's already filed
upstream?  (And if I should, should I report it against jpilot, which is
where I'm seeing the behavior, or pilot-link, where it really seems to
live?  Or doesn't that matter?)


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