[OT] fglrx problems with compiz and wine

Phil Meyer pmeyer at themeyerfarm.com
Wed Nov 28 17:57:12 UTC 2007

Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
> Excuse me for this offtopic but I didn't find any specific user lists
> for livna... I hope others on this list already tested and find
> eventually solved
> Using fglrx (both 8.42 and 8.43) on F8 x86 as packaged by livna I have
> these problems with my ati x1950 crossfire edition
> 1 incorrect detect of ram. 256 instead of 512.
> Found something on mtrr tricking but not sure how to do
> 2 running wine apps 50% of times crash with an opengl error (drmopen message)
> 3 compiz doesn' start
> It seems texture_from_pixmap only present in client and server but not
> in opengl extensions (from glxinfo)
> Found that it could help downgrade xorg on fc7 but I don,t know on f8
> without risk of messing up rpm db
> Any pointers specifically for f8 users?
> Thanks

Lots of info on this over at the Phoronix forums.

Basically, the ATI (fglrx) linux driver sucks rocks.  Many of us don't 
have a choice when the laptop your company purchases for you has an ATI 
card in it.

Specifically, the openGL libraries between the fglrx and Mesa versions 
get confused.
The fglrx driver may misidentify your version of X11.
And others ...

There is no good work around that I know of.  If you set LD_LIBRARY_PATH 
or LD_PRELOAD to force the fglrx versions to load first, you will do 
better with many applications, but not all.

However, even with those set on a system level, compiz fails to see what 
it needs from glxinfo.  In fact, sometimes glxinfo can just hang.

Its frustrating to see ATI struggle so badly with what should be normal 

I have tested the ATI official packages and the livna packages.  They 
both behave the same way.  The guys at Livna are doing a great job right 
now, but unfortunately for us, the product itself is less than desirable.

8.43 adds an additional frustration for me by killing suspend (again) so 
I downgraded back to 8.42.  My current choices are fxlrx or vesa.  The 
radeon driver may eventually support my card.

If I could get 1920x1200 out of any other driver, I would dump the fglrx 
driver in a heartbeat.  I miss my games on the laptop, but it has been a 
long time now since I have had a nvidia card in my laptop, so I have 
been restricted to mostly 2D apps for a long time now anyways.

This laptop is a Dell Inspiron 9400 with an ATI/DELL X1400 in it.

Good Luck!

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