Booting F8 from USB Attached Hard Drive

Lets Go Canes letsgonhlcanes at
Wed Nov 28 20:08:01 UTC 2007

Hi all.

--- Rick Bilonick <rab at> wrote:

> I'm
> going to try to make a bootable USB flash drive - I have one that is
> 1
> gb and that should be enough space.

I was able to install F6 on an external USB harddrive a couple of weeks
ago.  You need to use the advanced options when setting up the boot
loader (I *think* that was the step) so that it doesn't install on the
laptop's drive.  Or you could try disabling the laptop drive from
BIOS.  An added advantage - you can then boot a different system using
the same external drive (although X may not be happy).

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