Adding a partition to existing LVM

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Steven Stern wrote:
> On 11/28/2007 11:13 PM, Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
>>> Steven Stern wrote:
>>>> I had installed Fedora on a dual-boot system using default partition,
>>>> where Windows had the first partitions on both drives, C and D. I've
>>>> removed the D partition to give that to Fedora.  Although it looks like
>>>> the logical volume is 74GB larger, df is showing the same 143GB as before.
>>> So, you added the space to the logical volume.  Did you then resize the
>>> filesystem inside that logical volume?
> That may be the part I'm missing.  I was working through
>  I used lvextend, but I'm unable to unmount and remount the volume
> because it's mounted as /.
> The next step in the described process is to use ext2online, but that is
> not installed on my system.  yum provides ext2online comes up empty.

I think you you are looking for is:	resize2fs

>From its man page:

>        The  resize2fs program will resize ext2 or ext3 file systems.  It can be used to enlarge or shrink an unmounted file system located on
>        device.  If the filesystem is mounted, it can be used to expand the size of the mounted filesystem, assuming the kernel  supports  on-
>        line resizing.  (As of this writing, the Linux 2.6 kernel supports on-line resize for filesystems mounted using ext3 only.).

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