how to share internet connection in fedora

rainer rainer at
Thu Nov 29 03:12:19 UTC 2007

They are no hindrance, as they are no solution to a (not) given problem. 
kind of lame, in my opinion.

i suggest you concentrate on "helping" with the other requests - since 
you are that good.


Paul Shaffer wrote:
> Gonna continue to overanalyze, huh?  Since when are script tools like 
> Webmin and Shorewall a hindrance to setting up Masq?
> And don't put words in my post.  I suggested some possible tools to 
> make the task easier.  I did not "explicity tell him" to use 
> anything.  Sorry, but your lame attempt to twist my words had failed.  
> Nice try.
> This is really starting to get funny now.  I wonder how many more 
> experts not "understanding the basics" will eventually become exposed 
> over this.  Hmmmm...
> */rainer <rainer at>/* wrote:
>     Just to analyze a bit: You were the only one to explicitly tell
>     him to use webmin or shorewall.
>     So: when I install a firewall (any kind), this usually still does
>     not allow me to share any internet connection. So, how do you
>     suppose this was any better ?
>     As later suggested, one needs ip_forwarding and an iptables entry
>     for nat - at least. But, as this has security implications and can
>     render the internet connection unsusable (e.g. a spelling error in
>     the iptables script), we would prefer not to rush things. Haste
>     makes waste, easy as that.
>     The only one who has still not understood the basiscs seems to be
>     you, Paul. It´s not only about manners or stuff, but also about
>     flaming people willing to _help_, not just finish the call.
>     Paul Shaffer wrote:
>>     If you had simlpy read and understood the OP's question, you
>>     would understand that all you're "what if" scenarios are
>>     completely ridiculous.  There is only one correct simple answer
>>     all you complainers have overlooked in the rush to over analyze this.
>>     */Ric Moore <wayward4now at>/* wrote:
>>         On Tue, 2007-11-27 at 11:11 -0600, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
>>         > On Tue, Nov 27, 2007 at 08:45:02 -0800,
>>         > Paul Shaffer wrote:
>>         > > Azeez, what you need is not trite retorts from resident
>>         list imbeciles (see Bill's response below), but rather to
>>         employ an iptables firewall application/script. There are
>>         numerous available to meet any need from simple to
>>         enterprise-capable. Firestarter, Shorewall, and I believe
>>         there is a basic firewall configuration utility in the
>>         distro. The web-based firewall gui in Webmin provides a very
>>         simple rudimentary funtion for this. There are many others.
>>         Keywords: firewall, nat, masq.
>>         >
>>         > Depending on what he wants to do there can be significantly
>>         more invloved.
>>         > His original question was incomplete and asking to expand
>>         on it before giving
>>         > him an inappropiate response was correct.
>>         It was past incomplete. It said virtually nothing, yet we
>>         have two
>>         "experts" divining that he needs firewall rules. Suppose he
>>         has only
>>         some computers and some wires, with the ends freshly spliced,
>>         wondering
>>         what to hook them to?? Or two dumb terminals and a pair of
>>         rabbit ears?
>>         Or two tin-cans and a string? No one knows, except "The
>>         Amazing Kreskin"
>>         and he's dead. Period.
>>         Bill's response was not "trite" at all. The OP can learn,
>>         that I have no
>>         doubt. When he does, he will be better served. That's the
>>         point. We all
>>         come here to serve or be served, usually some of both.
>>         Learning how to
>>         reach that goal successfully, and acknowledge the conventions
>>         of lists
>>         such as ours and of others, is not a bad thing. Bill just cut
>>         through
>>         the mustard. Ric
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