Is Beagle a Good Thing?

dexter ddmbox2 at
Thu Nov 29 15:26:16 UTC 2007

On Thu November 29 2007 14:12:05 Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I sometimes find when my laptop becomes very slow
> and I run "top" to see what is happening
> that the culprit is "beagled-helper".
> I don't recall ever starting beagled,
> and it does not seem to be listed by chkconfig.
> Is it now a standard part of Fedora?
> Is it mandatory to run it?
> What exactly does it do?
> "man beagled" says it is "a system for searching
> and managing your personal information space",
> which I don't find very informative, or convincing.

Remove it if you value your cpu cycles its a resource hog, I'd also ditch the 
mono-core it sits on too and all its dependants YMMV.
So to answer your question no.



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