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Thu Nov 29 21:18:00 UTC 2007

Tim wrote:
> Craig White:
>>>> aussie aussie aussie
>>>> oy oy oy
> Tim: 
>>> I never head that childish chant before until we had some soldiers doing
>>> some sort of rescue mission overseas.  It's not a part of *our* culture.
> Alan Cox:
>> Its a very old part of Australian culture, one that came over with
>> 'cousin Jack' (the tin miners from Cornwall). So old nobody is entirely
>> sure of its origin although the most credible one seems to be from Oggie
>> (Kernowek: Hoggan) for a Cornish Pastie (Oggie oggie oggie! being shouted
>> down a mine to indicate lunch arriving).
> Must be regional then, I've *NEVER* heard it before then, in South
> Australia.

I gather it got some airing at the Sydney games. I've not been to a 
sporting event for some tens of decades, the last I can recall was 
cricket in Canberra, where I sat near John Grey Gorton.

Nor do I watch TV, but I certainly knew of it. Seems to have become 
popular with the Young Generation.

> ... What's that skip?  He's broken a leg?  You fly the chopper and I'll
> drive over with the first aid kit...
For the rest of the world, John Gorton was a WWII fighter pilot, got 
shot down and took some facial injuries, and looked like it. He was 
promoted to leadership of the Liberals while in the Senate when H Holt 
took his last swim, was deftly switched to the House of Reps and so to 
PM. He further distinguished himself by voting against himself in a 
motion of bo confidence in the party room, allowing Billy McMahon to 
lead the coalition to an election lost to the "It's Time" Labor lead by 
E G Whitlam.



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