createrepo for x86_64 and i386 repositories

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at
Thu Nov 29 22:47:14 UTC 2007

On Nov 29, 2007 6:15 AM, Michael Schwendt <mschwendt at> wrote:
> On 28/11/2007, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > Now I have a repository with directories
> >
> > i386
> > x86_64
> >
> > But then I became concerned: when the x86_64 is doing its multilib
> > magic, how does it find the i386 packages it installs in parallel to
> > x86_64.
> It doesn't.  In your case, it would only work if you enabled the i386
> repo in the x86_64 machine's Yum configuration.

OK, one follow up please.

On the x86_64 system, I can build many programs for both architectures
by adding the option --target=x86_64,i386 in the rpmbuild.  However,
for some programs, such as firefox, the i386 rpm fails to build on the
x86_64 system.  So in that case, I go to a i386 and build firefox.

Is there any reason why that firefox.i386 rpm cannot be put into the
x86_64 directory for the multilib purpose?

Know what I mean?

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