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Karl Larsen wrote:
>    Pup and yum on F7 are a pain. Often when the message is for 10 new
> updates I do it in a terminal. Either way it is quite slow. But it works.
>    Ubuntu uses apt-get and a GUI thing like Pup but it works much
> better. I have no desire to do it in a terminal. When I set it up the
> first time it took 90 updates. I was amazed how fast it went and zero
> problems. There are several things not Fedora or normal Ubuntu
> applications that I MUST have. On Ubuntu they are all a simple # apt-get
> install and they do all the work bringing in the necessary libs and such.
>    At this time I can say the Ubuntu update system is very superior to
> Pup and yum used on Fedora. I suggest Fedora look close at Ubuntu and
> see how to get it working here.
>    Both systems use Gnome and that makes both look VERY similar. A nice
> feature of Ubuntu is that that mount all the Linux systems on boot to
> /mnt and you can then, of course transfer things from the Fedora systems
> to Ubuntu. Or the reverse.
>    Ubuntu is based on Debian and the place that files go and do are odd
> to a Fedora user. There is no grub.conf and /etc/fstab is a real MESS! I
> am not sure my Fedora /home directory can be used with Ubuntu, but I
> will try just for fun.

Little reading needed here Karl.

yum install yum-fastestmirror

yum clean all

yum update

goes down the mirrors list  checks the speeds  and uses the fastest one.


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