nspluginwrapper Is it necessary

Kam Leo kam.leo at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 04:53:18 UTC 2007

On Nov 29, 2007 8:25 PM, Peter Reed <mrdeadworry at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Thursday 29 November 2007 01:37:33 Tony Molloy wrote:
> > HI,
> >
> > nspluginwrapper causes SELinux denials when it's in enforcing mode. This
> > means that when you do a full install of F8 you cannot get a browser
> > running. I know there is a workaround with chcon and semanage. But what I'd
> > like to know is if I'm running a 32bit system then is nspluginwrapper
> > really necessary at all or is it only for 64bit systems.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Tony
> You only need nspluginwrapper for 64bit systems it is meaningless for a 32bit
> system.  Why would you install this on a 32bit system if you read the
> description of what it is and what it does you would understand it is for
> 32bit compatibility on 64bit systems.
> Peter

I've been informed that it (nspluginwrapper) is installed by default.
It was not installed (or it was not in the path) on one system but was
installed on another. Both were F8-i386 DVD installs.

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