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Fri Nov 30 05:27:11 UTC 2007

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Jim Cornette wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
> I had to deal with a RAR file for a BIOS upgrade for some board
> recently. Windows XP does not have a utility in its fold to deal with
> the extraction of the archive. The file ended in .rar though. I found an
> extraction program to unrar the file.
> I have not encountered a self-extracting rar file fortunately yet. The
> point that it was a windows executable with the .exe was right. He would
> not have had to chase down a RAR extraction program.
> I still think inclusion of XP for a "How Stuff Doesn't Work" would be
> ideal and appropriate.
> I did find one for Vista. It sounds like they are describing beagle.

All of these are like the famous 'third party' programs that Linux is
famous for here. Windows can play mp3 files 'out of the box' on install.
Why? Microsoft paid for the license so that they could include that
codec in the OS.

Zip archive is kinda' free for home use. Rar archive is pay-for-me
period from Russia, I think, unless it changed. If you find a 'free'
'Rar' utility be concerned. *It* might be a 'bug'. ;-) If you deal with
Windows archive files a lot try - 7-Zip. It works on just about anything
and it is open source. Can't say for Mac, never looked, but there is one
for Windows and Linux.

The pirated porn movies and music usually come as muti-part .rar files.
The virus and stuff hide there. Among other places.

I don't want to start a flame-war here... but...  about 90% of the world
uses Windows of some kind and *all* of us Linux users, total - all
distributions, is something like 3.3%. Mac is 3.9%. Do you really think
that almost everyone uses Windows because it does *not* work?  ;-)

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