FC7 on my lappy, F8 dvd in drive, fresh powerup

Claude Jones cjones at levitjames.com
Fri Nov 30 15:51:18 UTC 2007

On Friday November 30 2007 9:07:42 am Gene Heskett wrote:
> I tried a yum upgrade 2 or 3 weeks ago, but it failed
> litterally hundreds of dependency thingy's.  Maybe didn't do
> it right, good instructs are hard to find.  Pointers, url's
> welcomed.
> Thanks, Claude.

I did the following:

I manually downloaded the release rpm for F8 and installed it for 
the Fedora repos and some of the other repos that I use (I think 
I found a couple of others including Livna)

I then went through each of my .repo files in yum.repos.d and 
changed those that hadn't been updated (this usually involved 
looking at the URL's and changing each 'F7' to 'F8'

I made sure that the repos I want to use were enabled, and those 
that I don't were not after the above procedure (in my case, I 
use Freshrpms, not Livna, so I had to disable Livna after 
installing the release rpm for Livna - I have Livna installed 
for occasional use, but I normally have it disabled)

I then installed the latest kernel (I don't know if this is 
necessary, but, it was suggested in one of the howto's I used)

I then ran yum update - this found a huge number of packages and 
failed on a couple of dependencies (yes, only a couple, not 

I removed the packages that were causing problems - in no 
instance were they things I couldn't do without, at least for 
the purposes of the upgrade

I ran yum update a second time, and this time it worked - on both 
machines, there were about 1400 packages that got upgraded

This is how it worked for me. Obviously, YMMV -- my repos are:

Freshrpms (enabled)
Adobe-linux (enabled)
Dries (disabled)
Dag (disabled)
Livna (disabled)
Fedora (Fedora and Fedora-updates enabled, the rest disabled)
atrpms (disabled)
Skype (enabled)
KDE-redhat (KDE-redhat - stable and testing enabled)
jpackage (disabled)
planetccrma (disabled)
olib-fedora (disabled)

I can't remember where I found the howtos I used - I seem to 
remember following some suggestions posted to this list
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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