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Fri Nov 30 16:22:27 UTC 2007

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Jim Cornette wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>> All of these are like the famous 'third party' programs that Linux is
>> famous for here. Windows can play mp3 files 'out of the box' on install.
>> Why? Microsoft paid for the license so that they could include that
>> codec in the OS.
> Since Linux is free and Windows can just pass on the cost to the
> consumer it does not cost them for enhancing their media player. They do
> not pay directly for it and their media player is in the forefront.
> mp3 used to be available for Linux until dangers arose considering
> costly lawsuit possibilities.

As we all know but some refuse to understand. Usually when the Newbies
hit at release time.  ;-)

>> Zip archive is kinda' free for home use. Rar archive is pay-for-me
>> period from Russia, I think, unless it changed. If you find a 'free'
>> 'Rar' utility be concerned. *It* might be a 'bug'. ;-) If you deal with
>> Windows archive files a lot try - 7-Zip. It works on just about anything
>> and it is open source. Can't say for Mac, never looked, but there is one
>> for Windows and Linux.
> I hope the program is not a bug. All I wanted was to extract a BIOS
> file. It now concerns me if the extracted BIOS contains malware. Neither
> the original BIOS or the downloaded and extracted version work
> correctly. Why a file as small as a BIOS update is RARed is bad enough.
> You bring forth a good point that anything that you can find to run on
> windows for no cost is probably a virus. :-)

If it a real BIOS patch/update, in other words it came from their site,
I would not be concerned about it being a virus. Newer computers have a
built-in utility to update the BIOS. I have never used them. I prefer
the old bootable floppy system because you can *save* the current BIOS
in case the new is a dud.

>> The pirated porn movies and music usually come as muti-part .rar files.
>> The virus and stuff hide there. Among other places.
> Porn and Music file transfer is not a worry for me. I am worried now
> that the RAR extraction program could be malware.

The file that you have is a RAR that is self extracting. You don't need
an unrar(?) to extract. You need a computer running Windows to execute
the file and it will extract itself. The 7-Zip program that I mentioned
will open this archive and you can extract the contents by hand.

>> I don't want to start a flame-war here... but...  about 90% of the world
>> uses Windows of some kind and *all* of us Linux users, total - all
>> distributions, is something like 3.3%. Mac is 3.9%. Do you really think
>> that almost everyone uses Windows because it does *not* work?  ;-)
> No flame war needed. I don't even try to convince people to use Linux
> vs. Windows any longer. I just install Linux on the computers and let
> them battle away with it.
>> OS Platform Statistics

Good luck.
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