createrepo for x86_64 and i386 repositories

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at
Fri Nov 30 16:33:05 UTC 2007

On 30/11/2007, Paul Johnson <pauljohn32 at> wrote:
> Note that you may need to remove /etc/rpm/platform
> > and run "setarch i386 rpmbuild --target=i386 ..." for cross-builds to
> > work on x86_64.
> Before I distract you with firefox detail, let me ask for a direct
> answer to this.  If I build an i386 package on an i386 system, is that
> package "the same as" or  "as good as" having an i386 package built on
> the x86_64 system with --target=x86_64,i386?

It should be as good as the native i386 build, provided that the
entire build framework is sane and free of bugs. It's the primary
reason why i386 -devel packages and their dependencies are provided in
the x86_64 repo.

> ../../dist/bin/xpidl -m header -w -I. -I../../dist/idl -o
> _xpidlgen/nsIComponentManagerObsolete nsIComponentManagerObsolete.idl
> nsIClassInfo.idl
> ../../dist/bin/xpidl -m header -w -I. -I../../dist/idl -o
> _xpidlgen/nsIClassInfo nsIClassInfo.idl
> gmake[4]: *** [_xpidlgen/nsIClassInfo.h] Error 1
> gmake[4]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
> gmake[4]: Leaving directory
> `/home/pauljohn/LinuxDownloads/redhat/BUILD/mozilla/xpcom/components'

It only shows that gmake exits. That could be due to parallel build
problems. Error output from one of the build tools is missing. What
happens if you re-run gmake in that firefox build dir manually?

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