[OT]Re: Windows XP Sucks!

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at infinity-ltd.com
Fri Nov 30 16:54:04 UTC 2007

Steve Lindemann wrote:
> <way off topic>
> Wild!  I still run WordStar7 under XP so I can access old files from my
> Kaypro days.  Haven't cared much for the old WS diamond since the
> control key moved into the damn corner of the keyboard.  For years I
> swapped the capslock and control key (in both DOS and windoze) but
> finally gave up (too many different machines that I couldn't control)
> and just got used to it.
> The control key belongs next to the A but I've been out-voted by /them/
> 8^)   If it was good enough for teletypes and Sun it should be good
> enough for everyone (Big Smile) ...and these days I have trouble with
> Sun keyboards because they kept the control key where it belongs.  oh
> well... on the old Kaypro I wired a foot switch in parallel with the
> control key so it was alot more convenient.
> ...have I gotten *sufficiently* off topic?  I'm sorry, I couldn't
> resist, I'm one of those old farts that actually got to empty the bit
> bucket (remember card and paper tape punches?).  Sometimes the old ways
> are still valid otherwise we wouldn't be so hard over about an OS that
> mimics UNIX.  I like the xscreensaver and the ability to manipulate
> images, but I still use a command line for doing anything that matters.
> </way off topic>
> And now back to our regularly scheduled Fedora User List!
<more off topic>
All this talk about Word Star tempts me to dig out my CP/M machine
out of storage, and connect it to a serial port on my Linux machine.
I have Word Star installed on the hard drive. (Along with a bunch of
other stuff.) I could transfer it over the the Linux box and play
with the CP/M emulator. (Yes, I do have a 20M MFM hard drive
connected to a Z-80 based CP/M system.)
</more off topic>


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