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The KDE-SIG needs (your) help

This is a request for participation:
The KDE-SIG [1] is atm lacking active contributors. And we really need some 
help in doing our job to provide a good KDE version in Fedora - especially 
with the upcoming KDE 4.0 and the inclusion in Fedora 9.

If you don't know how you could help us here is a list (which is also in the 

* Packagers: There are so many interesting packages that are not yet packaged 
for Fedora. Package it to improve the user experience. 

* Reviewers: Only a few persons are doing the kde-related reviews. Help us 
reviewing so that more packages could be included. 

* Testers: If you love KDE use the development version or the updates-testing 
repository and report bugs, bugs, bugs, request enhancements or features. We 
need your feedback to improve KDE. 

* Bugs: Become a BugZapper and help us with kde-related bugs. 

* Documentation writers: The documentation (esp. the DesktopUserGuide) is 
GNOME-centered. Help us to provide an equivalent for KDE. 

* Release Notes: The few people that are working on the new KDE-Spin are quite 
busy with development issues. If you want to help us in writing the release 
notes for the next version of Fedora we would give you all the info you need. 

* Wiki: Maintain http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/KDE and keep it updated with 
end user information. 

* Artists: To provide a matching theme for nodoka-metacity-theme and provide 
an unified desktop experience.

But this is not a complete list. If you're interested in making KDE in Fedora 
better, you're more than welcome.

The list of participants in the wiki is atm not a list of active contributors. 
When setting up the wiki the only demand was an interest in KDE to be listed 
on this page. This list would be changed in the future to be culled down to 
the list of active (or reactivated) participants. This has become necessarely 
because there are only (less or more) 3 active contributors atm (plus Than 
Ngo). But the list indicates that there are enough people helping with KDE.

If you are interested in joining the KDE-SIG please add your name to this 
list, answer to this mail, join us in #fedora-kde at freenode or attend the 
weekly KDE-SIG-Meetings (every tuesday 17:00 UTC). I will also add a topic to 
the agenda of the meeting next week to introduce new contributors. [2]
The attendance at the SIG-Meetings is of course not required. But this way we 
would know of each other. And they are also the main place of discussing the 
next steps in the development (besides fedora-devel-list).

If you have any further questions please answer to this mail or write me 
directly. And be sure: If your are willing to help you're welcome (regardless 
of your skills). :)


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/KDE
[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/KDE/Meetings/2007-11-06

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