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Re: DD not working

Karl Larsen wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
Alas the LABEL problems and many others kept me busy doing
stupid things.

You really like to discourage people from attempting to help you with the above comment.
No the stupid things were of my own doing. Not setting the bios properly, operating from the new hard drive when I thought I was on the old hard drive. I didn't know two sets of the same LABEL will load up odd.

Sorry, my English skills are poor. I read the comments as other people kept advising you to do stupid things. Many other problems would have been more clear to me.

Anyway, last posting giving you stupid things to try. You got it altogether and need no replies to your queries.

That is not the case. I learned dd is a way to do this from this list and I am trying to make it work. Lots of help has I hope made this happen.

   This time I know much more 8-)

   And it is from my experience  and that of the people on this list.

I learn quite a bit from the problems and solutions to the problems others encounter. I very rarely use some of the programs others need at the time it is discussed but at least get familiar with the program from list discussions.

The discussion on the dd program enlightened me on many issues so the discussion was not wasted.


Everything is controlled by a small evil group to which, unfortunately,
no one we know belongs.

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