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Re: Intel 82566DC-2 problem

Michael Semcheski wrote:
So, the solution to the whole problem ended up being a lot simpler
than I had feared.

Install kernel-devel rpm's from the Fedora DVD.
Sneakernet the e1000 tarball from Intel's website to the destination machine.

# tar zxvf e1000-abc.tar.gz
# cd e1000-abc/src
# make install
# chmod 744 /lib/modules/kernel-xyz/drivers/net/e1000/e1000.ko

The key step, which I didn't know to do the first time, was install
kernel-devel.  I thought I needed to install the kernel-source, and
build the kernel to generate version.h.

So, easily solved once you know the solution.

I'm glad that you now have it working. The devel package for the kernel is used for applications like vmware and nvidia. It did not dawn on me that your Ethernet driver would only need the driver source and kernel-devel package.

Your solution should help others from getting the whole source for module compilation.


Everything is controlled by a small evil group to which, unfortunately,
no one we know belongs.

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