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Re: IMAPS and/or openssl problem

On Fri 31 Aug 2007, Andy Green wrote:

> > "The server certificate failed the authenticity test (localhost)."
> >
> > I wonder if I could have a problem with my dovecot certs?
> > I'll re-create them and see if that is any better.
> If you told kmail previously to accept that cert from "server", then it
> could be quite right to complain when it finds the same cert apparently
> being delivered from "localhost" in this setup.

Thanks very much, Andy and all those who offered suggestions,
most of which I tried.

In the end I found I already had the answer.
I thought I did not get a window on my laptop
when I ran firefox on my server;
but I happened to leave it running while I went to the toilet,
and found that after 8 minutes it did indeed come up on my laptop.
So I was able to open a pinhole to port 993 on my modem in Ireland.
This took about an hour, as each new page took several minutes to come up ...

Fortunately life here in Italy proceeds at a sensible slow pace,
so waiting an hour was par for the course.
(One has to wait longer to get ciabatta in the baker,
while listening to the saga of the previous customer's
cousin's wedding ...)

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