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Re: C++ compilers on Linux supporting 64bit architecture?

Chris Jones writes:

1) Is it possible to cross-compile on Linux 32 bit to produce an
executable for the 64bit architecture Linux as well as 32 bit?

No, I don't think a 32bit only processor can produce 64bit binaries. The other

It's not the question of processor, but rather compiler support.

This is certainly doable, you just have to build your own custom version of binutils, and gcc, that cross compile to elf_x86-64.

But all of this is irrelevant. The stupid reasons why one has to do this -- target Win64 binaries on a Win32 box -- simply do not exist on Linux. If you intend to run 64 bit binaries, you can just build them directly on the 64 bit hardware. It's not like you'll have to pay a small fortune for a native 64 bit Linux compiler, like you'd have to for a 64 bit version of Visual Studio, so none of that nonsense is really needed.

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