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Re: DD not working--SUCCESS!

Karl Larsen wrote:

If you want to copy something big from one partition to another the old dd method is for you. You have to do it right. This means that:

1. The destination partition MUST be at least a byte larger than the source partition where the data is coming from. This is essential!

This isn't true.  Can you explain why you think it is?

3. Be ready to check the file system of the copy with fsck.

If your source partition is cleanly unmounted, the destination will be clean as well.

8. Think of how dd works this way, dd see's the source partition as just a pile of bytes. It takes a few bytes each cycle and puts those bytes on the destination partition. When done dd reports how many bytes it found and how many it put on destination. They are the same large number.

This means it is important for the source to not change during the copy so it should be unmounted.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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