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Re: How to modify xorg.conf from command line in rescue console (F7)

Bo Berglund wrote:
> I am trying to install Fedora 7 in VirtualPC 2007 and I have gotten to
> the first restart after the install has completed.
> At this point one must boot the dVD in rescue mode in order to change
> xorg.conf so that the default color depth is not 24 (can be anything
> but 24 but this particular value is incompatible with VPC2007).
> So I was adviced to do it this way, however they did not tell me *how*
> one can edit a file in Linux....
> Using more I can see that the file is set for 24 bit depth and I just
> need to change that to 16 and I'm done.
> (Forgot to say that I am a Windows user, completely green at Linux...)
> Detailed instructions on how to start a command line editor for this
> file would be appreciated as well as how to save and exit from it.
> Bo Berglund
Joe have many choices for a text editor in Linux. It does depend on
what you have installed. The vi editor tends to be the standard
editor, but coming from Windows you will probably find it hard to
use. You may want to try joe (Wordstar command syntax) or nano. I
would probably recommend nano as being easier to use. Just remember
that you have to be root to edit the file.

nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Another option is to run system-config-display and pick the correct
color depth and so on for your system.


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