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Re: Gnome won't start after upgrade to FC7

Edward DeMeulle wrote:
> Just recently noticed that after upgrading to FC7, X-windows starts and
> just sits there with an X cursor with just the FC wallpaper (I normally
> use/play through SSH). I'm not familiar enough with the connection
> between X and Gnome to know where to look next. Anyone have any
> suggestions as to how to proceed?
The first thing I would do is create a new user, and see if they if
it works for them. (It probably will.) If this works, then do a cli
login to your account (Ctrl-Alt-F1) or run "su - <your login>" from
an xterm and run "mv .gnome2 .gnome2.save". This will remove all you
old Gnome settings, and a fresh setup will be created when you log
in as you. The drawback is that you lose all your settings. You can
try and migrate them by hand from .gnome2.save. (I think I have the
correct directory - working on my first cup of coffee.)


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