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Re: Instruct yum to keep old kernels

Marcel Janssen wrote:
> Hi,
> When updating my system, yum wants to remove my working kernel.
> How can I make sure yum doesn't touch any kernel ever in an upgrade process 
> unless I want it ?
> Regards,
> Marcel
Are you sure it wants to remove your working kernel? Yum is supposed
to leave your current kernel alone. If it is trying to remove the
kernel you booted with, then that is a bug that should be reported.

For FC6, there is the install-only plugin for yum, where you can set
the number of kernels to keep. Setting it to 0 keeps all of them
until you delete them yourself. In F7, this is built into yum, and
the option is in the yum config file. Again, set this to 0 if you
want to keep all installed kernels.

If you do not want yum to install the new kernels, that is a bit
harder. You can set yum to exclude the kernel RPMs, but then t will
not show them in the list of available packages, and this may not be
what you want. (I am sure someone has a way to do it - just not me.)


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