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100% CPU useage with ZynAddSubFx. (Fedora 7)

Out of interest has anyone got ZynAddSubFx working on Fedora 7. Each time I 
launch it freezes up . I can still launch a terminal, and top shows xorg 
having jumped from 5% to about 43%, and Gkrellm is showing 100% CPU useage. 
I've a hell of a job to shutdown ZynAddSubFx, apart from killing it in ps 

Fernando at planetccrma used to sort out these music apps, but have appeared 
to be taken over by maintainers at Fedora now, who appear to be making a crap 
job of making sure that the app actually works.

I even tried DL'ing the tarball for it from sourceforge, but there is bugger 
all info for installing it on Linux. Plenty of advice if you want to install 
on Windoze though.

I've no problem with running ZynAddSubFx. I've plenty of other distro's where 
it works ok. On Fedora7 though it does not work.

This is in no way directed at users on the list. I hope that some maintainers 
may be reading this list also, and may get their shit together, and fix the 

Just a bit pished off at the moment.


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