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Re: Cant't find curses.h

On Fri, 2007-08-31 at 20:52 -0500, mcforum bellsouth net wrote:
> The section on building ones own kernel seems to no longer be in the install documentation or otherwise in the wiki and my memory is missing details.  Google dredged up a copy of the older document.  I've installed all the pieces I could find but none of the usual ways of modifying .config will work.  Make menuconfig is missing curses.h.  Other parts are missing from make xconfig.  yum whatprovides has nothing to do.  I really want to build the kernel module to read my hpfs partitions.  I suppose I could ignore the warnings and just edit .config.  Is there a new method that I haven't found the  button box for or What?

Which distro are you using? Your package manager "should" drag in all of
the necessary pieces, you would think. In the "Good Ole" days you did
get everything you needed. God only knows what some folks are thinking

I catch all kinds of crap on the Fedora list for using Lonnie's NVidia
drivers (which makes GL work) instead of the defacto nvidia driver
included in the distro (which doesn't) so it all beats the hell outa me.
I also install Firefox and Java straight from the horses mouth, and they
both work very well. I guess I'm not politically "sensitive". 

As Rosanne Rosannadana would say, "Never mind." 

<cackles> Ric

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