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Re: F7 installer running very, very slowly [resolved]

I thought it worth posting the solution to this problem for anyone else with a Dell Poweredge 2300 server.

There is a bios setting for CPU speed. The options on the server I am working on are: 450MHz and "Compatible".

I had switched the original 450 MHz CPU for a pair of 550MHz CPUs. To get the server to recognize them I had to set the CPU speed setting in the bios to "compatible".

For whatever reason, that seems to mean run extraordinarily slow. Switching to a 450 and using a pair of 450 CPUs solved the problem. Machine is running very nicely. Currently working through the F7 install.


Langdon Stevenson wrote:

I am running an F7 install on a Dell PowerEdge 2300 (another one - previous one that caused me problems is running fine).

Machine boots up fine, but when the F7 Rescue CD boots up everything goes into slow motion. This happens right from the word go. For instance the initial graphical screen to select the type of install takes about 20 seconds to paint, keyboard response is slow as well. This is the same throughout the install, both graphical and non-graphical. I expect that the installer would complete in due course, but haven't had the patience to see it any further through than selecting hard drives.

I have had a look at "top" through a console during the install and it reports that there is plenty of RAM available, and no processes hogging the dual CPUs.

I can't see any bios settings that might effect the installer.

I have removed all of the RAM and tried RAM from an identical machine that doesn't have this problem, but no luck. It still does the same

I have removed all of the PCI devices (save for the SCSI controller) and no improvement.

Is this symptom familiar to anyone? Can anyone suggest how I might work out what is going on?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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