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Re: DD not working--SUCCESS!

On Sun September 2 2007, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> your fundamental problem, karl, is that you insist on publishing (and
> re-publishing and re-re-publishing)

The only thing of note about your arrogant posts are a couple of words from 
your sig - you are indeed what you say, an annoying pedant. If you are truly 
concerned about the people who will hose systems due to bad advice, correct 
the paper - JUST DO IT. This incessant hollering at one individual, and your 
role in the incitement to mob behavior on the part of a tiny handful of 
others last week are not helpful at all - if you're so concerned about being 
helpful, be so. Cut your hypocrisy - there are plenty of others who post 
erroneous information - are you going to go around policing them all - do you 
think you can? You don't like Karl - so be it - who cares? There's about ten 
or so of you -- this has become about personality, and despite all the 
posturing to the contrary, that is pretty obvious. To the thousands of others 
who read this list and the hundreds that are continuing the business of 
helping each other as usual, ignoring you obnoxious ten, you're a pimple on 
your own collective arse.

What matters it an iota, whether you've written tomes of clear helpful 
documentation ... you have not charity

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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