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Re: How to modify xorg.conf from command line in rescue console (F7)

Chris Jones wrote:
> Hi,
>> Thank you, I did the following when Fedora7 again booted up after I
>> reset the machine:
>> - Stopped the automatic boot
>> - Gave the command to edit the parameters
>> - On the nextr screen I selected the line staring with kernel
>> - Then I pressed e to edit
>> - Then I added vesa i8042.noloop psmouse.proto=imps clock=pit at the
>> end
>> - Finally I pressed b to boot.
> Hmm, not clear to me if you have made a permanent change to you boot options 
> here, or just made a temporary runtime change, that will be lost the next 
> time you boot up.
The changes made by editing from the menu are for that boot only.
You have to edit /boot/grub/grub.conf (or one of the links to it) in
order to keep the changes.

One more thing - when editing grub.conf, you may want to remove rhgb
option - you will lose the pretty graphical boot, but you are not
seeing it anyway. (There is probably a way to fix it by setting the
VGA mode, but I leave that to someone else.)


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