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Re: No

Karl Larsen wrote:

I have not read the 30 messages to this list this morning in which my ability to think is in doubt and in a stupid way they are asking me to leave this list. The subject is my answer.

All people are asking is to stick to fedora-related topics here, and at least try to be be accurate in your descriptions so some cause/effect logic can be attempted. Most people search this list for answers to questions before asking them again. Just imagine how hard that will be now for the new user looking for the one simple command line it takes to use dd. Also, it helps both people reading the discussion currently and in the archives to reply to existing threads when continuing that topic and to start new threads with different subjects when the topic changes.

You don't need to stop posting to stop making it difficult for others.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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