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Re: DD not working--SUCCESS!

El Domingo, 2 de Septiembre de 2007 19:11, Les escribió:
> Pardon me,
> but while Karl is sometimes annoying, the repeated piling on is really
> beginning to get to me.  I like this list and I do use it.  Where Karl
> is wrong, tell him what is wrong and why.  Then let it go.

Loads of folks, included myself, already did it. He seems to either don't 
understand or just overlook the issue.

> Karl, quit baiting for trolls.
> Now, please try to be civil, try to give information that is helpful,
> and where Karl is wrong, edit the information and correct it.  That
> won't take any longer than this continual bickering. 

If I were him and I would set up a wiki and give here the URL, then, all the 
list members interested in helping him to write a good doc, could move to the 
wiki and work on the document there, editing and disscusing the issues in the 
proper place. Just my opinion.
Open a new thread called "No" is not much helpful.

> In addition, this 
> stuff will prevent others, especially new folks, from joining the list.
> They will know that some of their questions are old to us, and when they
> see someone continually taken to task, why would they risk saying
> anything.  Think about it.

Well, don't think so actually, I think that new people who join the list wants 
solution, and they don't read the whole list before send their emails.

> 	For me, I'm a crusty old codger and generally state my mind, so it
> doesn't prevent me from speaking up, but most people are much more
> timid, especially when it comes to highly technical things like OS's and
> computers.  


> We do want new people on Linux, don't we? 

Of course, at least, I want.

All the best

Manuel Arostegui Ramirez.

Electronic Mail is not secure, may not be read every day, and should not
be used for urgent or sensitive issues.

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