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Re: C++ compilers on Linux supporting 64bit architecture?


> But from another poster I have nbow realized that as long as the
> developers are on the local network and we have one 64bit Linux
> machine running each of them can use an X terminal and log on to the
> Linux machine and do their work from their own PC:s.
> So that is probably the final solution.

yes, I suggested this myself in an earlier email. I guess you missed it ;)

I agree, this sounds a much easier to maintain solution.

> >> Notice also that VPC2007 does not support running anything but a 32
> >> bit virtual machine emulation.
> >
> >VPC isn't the only virtualisation software around - Are you tied to VPC,
> > or could you consider say VMWare instead, which does support 64 bit
> > guests ?
> But that is $200 per developer and it does not work anyweay since the
> developer CPU is 32 bit, VMWare does not emulate the CPU either, what
> you have on your PC is what you can have in your virtual machine.

Actually, VMWare now release their "Server" product for free. I've used it 
myself on linux to run an XP guest quite successfully. See


That said, I don't think virtualisation is the answer for you here, as no 
solution is going to allow you to run a 64 but guest on a 32 bit host, in a 
sane way...


> Bo Berglund

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