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Re: How to modify xorg.conf from command line in rescue console (F7)

Chris Jones wrote:

(Bo Berglund:)
At this time I should have checked that all was well by logging off
and logging on as the new account and also by restarting Fedore, but
instead I accepted the 178 updates...

yes, Fedora evolves fast ;)

After several hours of downloading and installing Fedora asked to
restart and I did so.

Unhappily, the start was no good. Now when the login screen should
appear in 16 bit color mode as per my changes in xorg.conf for some
reason it starts up in 24 bit bode and the screen is unintelligible.

My guess is your xorg.conf isn't quite correct. I suggest you post the full file here.

That's the most likely scenario, though it's possibly worth checking
that a kernel update hasn't undone your grub.conf modifications.


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