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Re: DD not working--SUCCESS!

Claude Jones wrote:
On Sun September 2 2007, Steve Searle wrote:

I think there are more than ten of us who believe that Karl is perverting the purpose of the list, and
that it is right we try and change this behaviour, by pointing this out.

you are an intemperate few - I have noted no great rush to pile on to your defense - I have noticed your incessant attempts to annoint yourselves as spokesmen for the 'silent' masses

I will step up and defend Steve. He is not one of the "intemperate few" but one of the many (like myself) who normally stays relatively silent. If we are all standing around having a conversation, we expect each person to be polite and follow the unwritten protocol called "good manners". These manners have been (hopefully) taught to us by our parents, society, etc. so we can function in a civil manner towards one another. When we have people join our group who are absolutely determined to not follow the established protocol (i.e. good manners), then usually some of the group will try to gently or not-so-gently inform this person of what is expected. Just because someone does not want to exercise good manners does not mean that we as a group have to lower our standards for what we expect everyone to do. Nor does it mean that we should just sit back and allow others to continually abuse the list.


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