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Re: Ode to Karl Larsen

On Sun, 2007-09-02 at 15:31 -0700, Peter Connolly wrote:
> Subtitled: It just takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel...
> Subsubtitled: Against stupidity, the gods themselves rally in vain.
> --von Schiller
> There once was a ham--k5di,
>   who thought himself quite the Linux guy.
> He blogged every thought to Fedora.
>   Yes!  Every pointless minutia!
> Every day, we of fedora-list,
>   suffer his posts with content bereft.
> When kind folks do try to help him out,
>   he starts flaming and acts quite the lout.
> He'll tell them they are stupid
>   (and start yet another thread).
> It would have been much better,
>   had he had his own "Blogger".
> But no! He'll happily blather
>   'til we've been whipped to a lather.
> Fie upon thee, Karl Larsen!
>   Always will you plague Fedorans.
and this is distinguishing ourselves upon his transgressions? I'm
embarassed to belong to a list that thinks this is acceptable. Even if I
agreed with every sentiment above, I would not see the need to express
it simply because it is targeted to embarrass 1 individual.

Did it never occur to you to NOT hit the send button after you typed

Why is it so hard to delete or simply not reply to messages that you
don't like?


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