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Re: FC7 Acrobat reader

On Monday 03 September 2007, antonio montagnani wrote:
>After full update, when I start Acrobat Reader I get a repeated syntax
> error. This was done in a terminal window, since from menu I didn't get any
> answer...
>Any help???
There is a patch for the exec script itself floating around. Google for 
acroread version 7 + patch, it should be findable in that listing.  Two 
places in a text file where  1 or 2 characters are changed, so you can do it 
with most any editor that keeps track of the line numbers, like vim.

I have 7.09 installed here, and I don't recall having to repeat that patch 
when I put it in, so maybe adobe has fixed it now?

>Antonio Montagnani
>Skype : antoniomontag

Cheers, Gene
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