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Re: Cant't find curses.h

mcforum bellsouth net wrote:
> The os is Fedora 7 installed from the live cd. That may have
> brought me up short on a -develop file. I thought that I had picked
> up everything from the web. I didn't know to put the path
> specification in yum whatprovides. If the wildcard method works it
> would solve many questions.
> TNWestTex
Few development RPMs are installed by default. I guess the thinking
is that your average installation is not going to be compiling
programs. (Desktop or server install.) So the header files are just
going to be taking up space, and in possible adding a security risk.
Someone that cracks the box has a harder time of it if there are no
tools to compile programs on the box. But it does make it harder for
the people that do want to compile their own programs.

I don't know of an easy way to install all the development packages.
Maybe a script to check what libs you have installed, and use yum to
install the matching devel packages? I believe that doing something
like "yum install *-devel" will also try to install any library with
a devel package that is not currently installed on your system.


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