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Re: list of wireless device supported

> Thanks Karl.  I'll have to check that out.  In my case it's my desktop
> and the wireless device is a USB device, so lspci wouldn't work for my
> scenario (I already know what it is so that's not problem, plus I
> could get it out of dmesg I suspect and with lsusb certainly).  I did
> find that nsdiwrapper (haven't used it yet) is probably what I need.
> I've also read about using a Windows driver and wine.  If I have to
> tackle this issue because it's not supported by F7 then I'll certainly
> look at your notes.  Right now I'm trying to find out what is
> supported out of the box.  If it's supported out of the box then I'll
> undertake my upgrade sooner rather than later.  If it's not and I can
> get a supported pci card pretty cheap I may go that route instead.  Or
> if it's not too time consuming I'll plug at getting my USB wireless
> device working.  But as mentioned earlier right now I don't have time
> to fuss with it so would only upgrade in the very near future if
> support is built in.  Hence why I'm trying to find the list of
> wireless devices supported out of the box with F7.  After all they
> were boasting rock solid wireless support with F7.  But it failed when
> I tried it on my work laptop where another distro had it out of the
> box (was testing a few distros on it).  So rock solid may have been a
> goal but seems like they are not quite there yet.
> Thanks,
> Jacques B.

Further to my last message, I checked out the site and it's an
excellent resource!  Thanks Karl!  Unfortunately my device is listed
as "grey" - unknown if Linux drivers exists.  An excellent resource
that I must bookmark.  But I'm also still interested in my original
question, the list of hardware (specifically wireless devices)
supported out of the box by F7.  It must be out there somewhere
because they have to be tracking that for development purposes.



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