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Re: Ode to Karl Larsen

I remember years ago when the list seemed populated with a more intelligent species.  That's why you won't see me participating much anymore except to make this type observation.

M Daniel R Magarzo <4 mdr magarzo gmail com> wrote:
El dom, 02-09-2007 a las 19:03 -0700, Craig White escribió:
> On Sun, 2007-09-02 at 15:31 -0700, Peter Connolly wrote:
> > Subtitled: It just takes one bad apple to spoil the barrel...
> > Subsubtitled: Against stupidity, the gods themselves rally in vain.
> > --von Schiller
> >
> >
> > There once was a ham--k5di,
> > who thought himself quite the Linux guy.
> > He blogged every thought to Fedora.
> > Yes! Every pointless minutia!
> >
> > Every day, we of fedora-list,
> > suffer his posts with content bereft.
> > When kind folks do try to help him out,
> > he starts flaming and acts quite the lout.
> >
> > He'll tell them they are stupid
> > (and start yet another thread).
> > It would have been much better,
> > had he had his own "Blogger".
> >
> > But no! He'll happily blather
> > 'til we've been whipped to a lather.
> > Fie upon thee, Karl Larsen!
> > Always will you plague Fedorans.
> ----
> and this is distinguishing ourselves upon his transgressions? I'm
> embarassed to belong to a list that thinks this is acceptable. Even if I
> agreed with every sentiment above, I would not see the need to express
> it simply because it is targeted to embarrass 1 individual.
> Did it never occur to you to NOT hit the send button after you typed
> this?
> Why is it so hard to delete or simply not reply to messages that you
> don't like?
> Craig


I'm tired of these discussions. My first email in the list in order to
talking about a man called K.L., and the last, sure.
This is lasting too much days. It's maybe the fashion play of the
It's absurd. Who is more childish here?


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