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Re: Installing Fedora7 in a VirtualPC2007 guest?

On Mon, 03 Sep 2007 22:53:20 +0200, Bo Berglund
<bo berglund telia com> wrote:

>As a variation on this theme my first attempt missed the step C
>(change start parameters after editing xorg.conf). That time the
>following screens were all garbled and I finally just reset the
>virtual machine and on the subsequent start I added the start
>parameters described above.
>This time it got me all the way into Fedora as root and I could add
>myself as a normal user account (using the normal tools because the
>first boot sequence of wizard-like screens were not shown).
>Anyway I also accepted the updates Fedora found on the Internet and at
>the end of that it suggested a reboot, which I did.
>After the reboot I was again stuck in the graphics nightmare!
>Garbled screen twice the width it should be and no clue as to what I
>could do...

I managed to wade through the garbled screens of this first installed
VHD and chance my way through the many screens until suddenly the
screen was back to normal!
Looks like I have come through the "first boot" welcome sequence
without really seeing what it was all about except very superficially.

This raises one question:
How can one control the color depth used during the sequencing of the
first boot welcome screens of Fedora7 install?
It does not seem to obey the xorg.conf file contents...

Seems to be the last remaining issue (except of course that I seem
unable to reach this step at all with my re-installs...).

Once this has been resolved (and verified for a new full install) it
should be posted on the visualwin site where all VPC2007 compatible
OSes are listed with the special quirks needed to get them running.

Bo Berglund

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