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Re: Rsync

Paul Ward wrote:
cheers guys for your help.

To clarify the problem I have is at work one of our departments
regularly ask me to download files from one of their suppliers. I was
thinking that rather than do this when asked I could use a tool like
rsync to download any new files and then notify me.

Rsync works great for me at home when syncing a repo through ftp so my
my first thought was can it do a similar job on a secure ftp site that
uses a password and user name.

Rsync requires either a special setup or a user login that works with ssh on the remote side. You may or may not be able to arrange that.

In light of this is it possible to log in to a ftp site using the
standard ftp tool and do a directory listing then exit whilst logging
the session to a file eg channel 1> ftp_output (Not sure about my
syntax on this) then use diff or grep to match any differences between
my last dir, and download the new files?

Any thoughts?

wget has options to mirror directories and only download newer files that might work for you.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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