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Re: Nvidia legacy drivers allowing unconfined executable?

On Tue September 4 2007, Michael P Angell wrote:
>  I changed over to nvidia-96xx driver to improve game speed as it was so
> slow they were unplayable. That fixed the gaming problem but then...
> I found Selinux memory protection allowing unconfined executable to make
> stack executable and to map memory region as executable and writable.
> Should this be done? Anyway without allowing it the desktop wont load
> xorg.config. Selinux says to report any executable to bugzilla that call
> upon this type of executable. I hesitate to report a bug because really
> I am not qualified to make this kind of determination after only 2 weeks
> using linux.

Did you run setroubleshoot? That opens a window that gives lots of useful info 
on what Selinux is specifically objecting to. You're not clear about how you 
made your determinations as described above. 

Re: bugzilla - do a search on this list for posts from Lonni Friedman. He 
works for nvidia and frequently posts a link to a page on the nVidia site 
that gives explicit directions on how to file problem reports. Reporting 
issues with nVidia proprietary drivers to the Redhat bugzilla site will not 
get you anywhere - you wouldn't even find a category in the drop-down 
selections for the nvidia-96xx driver. 

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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