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Re: Installing Fedora7 in a VirtualPC2007 guest?

I tried login as root and got a # prompt.

Then tried system-config-display and X started and showed a config
screen where I could set the colors to thousands (corresponds to depth
16) and the screen to a Generic LCD panel with resolution 1024x768.
However, when I hit the OK button the panel disappeared and there was
only a blank black screen in front of me....

Only way out was a reset of the PC followed by a renewed boot with the
extra parameters but now without 3.

This brought me finally through it all without corruption and on to a
login screen where I could get into Fedora as root and add users etc.

I have yet to see how I can get the system to reboot without
interference with the extra parameters, though.

Is there some config app where the boot options can be set or do I
have to manually edit grub.conf???

No, you just have to manually edit grub.conf and make the permanent changes you want. (just to be safe you might want to make a backup first 'cp grub.cong grub.conf.backup')


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