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Re: Regd Installation of FC- 6

Tim wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-09-04 at 13:52 +0530, pavan kumar wrote:
>> The 20 gigs freee space is in WIndows (NTFS) ...
> Okay, that's not directly of use to Linux.  That's free space within a
> file system.  You need free space outside of it.  i.e. A new partition.
>> But When I try the option "Automatically Partition" , it doesnt work 
> That only works with allocating drive space, it doesn't deal with
> re-organising space that's in use and you want to keep.
> Have a google around for some instructions in shrinking an NTFS
> partition, and write back if you can't figure out how to do it.  It'd be
> best if you write back saying what you did *and* didn't understand about
> it.  The basic idea is that you defrag the partition, to organise all
> the data together, then shrink the partition down to some size greater
> than needed to store that data, while leaving space for your alternative
> installation.  Then you create Linux partitions within the freed space.
> I did it on a FAT32 drive years ago, without any major dramas.  I don't
> recall the name of the tool, but it came with a Red Hat 6.0 Linux disc
> (yes, it was that long ago).  Hence why I hesitate to be the one to
> advise how to go about doing it.
A couple of links that may help:


I am not sure if ntfsresize is on the live CD or not. I know I have
used it on the NTFS on my laptop to make room to install Fedora, and
I did not have problems. But I would make a backup before trying it.
I did it on a new system after making a Ghost image of it.


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